10 June 2024

Great Charity Auction TOP CHARITY 2024 – A Record-Breaking Success!

Rafał Brzoska Foundation proudly announces the spectacular success of the Great Charity Auction TOP CHARITY 2024, which concluded with an astounding total of 45,917,000 PLN raised. Thanks to the immense dedication of the organizers and the generosity of the donors, this event has become the largest charity endeavor of its kind in Europe.

Incredible Auction Results

This year’s auction, held in the courtyard of King Jan III Sobieski’s Palace in Wilanów, attracted nearly 500 guests from across the continent. The auction featured 15 unique works of art and 10 exclusive experiences from the Great Emotions category. The highest bid was for Igor Mitoraj’s sculpture “Torso alato,” which fetched 6,800,000 PLN. Another major success was the auction of a week of transformation with Ewa Chodakowska at the Mövenpick Resort Kuredhivaru Maldives, which reached 5,100,000 PLN.

Record-Breaking Donations

Rafał Brzoska, co-organizer of the auction, doubled the amount raised from the art auction, donating 22 million PLN, likely the largest single private donation for charity in modern Polish history. In total, thanks to additional donations from guests, an incredible 45,917,000 PLN was raised.

Professionalism and Transparency

For the first time in the auction’s history, the independent auditor was EY Polska, ensuring the highest standard of transparency. Jacek Piotrowski from Polswiss Art Auction House and the portal ensured the smooth and professional conduct of the auction, significantly contributing to the event’s success.

Accompanying Events

The auction was accompanied by the ChangeMakers 2024 Business Conference, where key contemporary challenges such as the cooperation of business and local governments and the role of philanthropy were discussed. Panelists included, among others, Secretary of State Jacek Siewiera and the US Ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski. A particularly moving speech was given by Phyllis Newhouse, founder of ShoulderUp Technology Acquisition Corp, which touched the hearts of the participants.

United for a Good Cause

Rafał Brzoska, co-organizer and president of the Rafał Brzoska Foundation, along with Omenaa Mensah, emphasize that thanks to the support of the business and artistic community in Poland, this event has become not only a philanthropic success but also an important cultural landmark in Europe. The funds raised will support children and youth, demonstrating that charity and art can go hand in hand, creating a better future for all of us.