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Scholarship Contest Winners
Rafał Brzoska Foundation

We are proud to present the winners of the first Rafał Brzoska Foundation scholarship competition.

We are happy to support this group in its further development and fulfilment of dreams. It is clear to us that the people we present below will one day conquer the world and make it a better place.

  • Małgorzata Bobińska

    Małgorzata is a talented flutist who has been accepted to the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. She has won numerous competitions and dreams of further development in her musical career. The support from a foundation helps her to stay in Warsaw and participate in the cultural life of the capital city.
  • Nikodem Ciomcia

    Nikodem conducts research and invents with success while participating in numerous competitions. He is a finalist in the Explory competition for his project involving clothing that harvests thermal energy from the human body and converts it into electrical energy using Peltier modules. He is also an active volunteer in the scouting movement. His passion lies in quantum physics.
  • Adrianna Czechowska

    Adrianna aspires to become a biotechnologist. She is a laureate of the "Zwolnieni z Teorii" social olympiad, where she prepared a nationwide project for schools on mnemonic techniques and rapid memorization. She has been involved in numerous social initiatives and aims to contribute to the development of Bydgoszcz in the future, making it a strong center for science and culture.
  • Natalia Dragan

    Natalia is a violinist from Legnica. At the age of 6, she performed her first concert with an orchestra. She is a laureate of numerous national and international competitions. Her goal is to participate in international competitions, concerts, and festivals to further her musical development. In the future, she aspires to be a role model and authority figure for young musicians.
  • Zofia Halbersztat

    Thanks to her outstanding academic achievements, Zosia got accepted to Cambridge University. She is studying history, political science, and international relations. Zosia is actively engaged in social activities and aspires to work in non-profit organizations in the future, combining her academic knowledge with social activism.
  • Jakub Jędrzejewski

    Jakub is a mechanical engineering student at Imperial College London. He combines the world of science with the practical aspect of inventions. He has a track record of numerous projects and ideas, including the Fuzor - a thermonuclear fusion reactor, a microwave engine, Tesla coils, and a micro-force measurement station. Jakub is not only an accomplished engineer but also an Olympian, and he has actively participated in various scientific conferences and competitions, earning numerous awards and recognitions.
  • Krzysztof Jóska

    Krzysztof is studying at high school. He is a young inventor with completed projects and more ideas in the pipeline. He has created, among other things, a project for an automatically controlled go-kart and a hydraulic seat for racing games. Currently, he is working on a rover that he constructed by himself.
  • Zofia Kierner

    Zofia is studying Business and Data Science at UC Berkeley. She is the youngest recipient of Forbes 25 Under 25 and the founder of the Girls Future Ready (GFR) foundation. GFR is an organization that prepares girls from Poland for the challenges of a changing world and supports them in learning the English language. The foundation has already assisted thousands of girls and over 200 schools.
  • Amelia Kudasik

    Amelia is involved in the field of neuroscience and medicine. She wins international competitions, publishes scientific articles, and has collaborated with scientists from institutions like Cambridge and New York University of Science. She is also active in community service, working with foundations such as Klinika Matmy and Web-Korki. In response to the conflict in Ukraine, she created the EDU(po)MOC project - a website that connects volunteer tutors with Ukrainian refugees.
  • Michał Larysz

    Michał is a talented architect currently studying Architecture (BA) at London Metropolitan University. To support himself in London, he works, but architecture is his true passion, and he is dedicated to excelling in his studies. He aims to promote architecture and design among younger generations and help future students in their journey within this field.
  • Jakub Oniszk

    Jakub has a bachelor's degree from the University of St Andrews and has been accepted at Cambridge. He specializes in glaciology, and his undergraduate thesis has been nominated for the Royal Geographical Society's award for the best undergraduate dissertation in the UK.
  • Filip Piękoś

    Filip is a young inventor who is already making headlines in the media. His interests revolve around the field of technical sciences, and he is fascinated by computer science, programming, and modern technologies. He has built and continues to develop the ZHELTA K6 touchless keyboard for people with disabilities. Filip is delighted that his projects are already helping the first individuals with disabilities.
  • Natalia Sauer

    Natalia is a pharmacy student at the Wrocław Medical University, where she researches modern methods of combating cancer and the impact and application of electric and magnetic fields on melanoma. She presents her research at various conferences.
  • Mikołaj Sembol

    Mikołaj is a student at an agricultural technical school, and he also runs his own eco-farm for chickens and quails. He educates his community about topics related to organic food and eco-farming. He self-sufficiently supports himself, relieving the financial burden on his parents. In the future, he aims to expand his business and pursue veterinary studies. He has a passion for regenerative agriculture.
  • Filip Stasiak

    At the age of 15, Filip landed his first plane, and as a 16-year-old, he presented at the Opole University of Technology on "the construction of the Boeing 737 cockpit and its systems. Since the age of 17, he has been running his own program "Do not be afraid to fly", in which he educates people about aviation safety. He is a laureate of the aviation knowledge competition and a representative of Poland in numerous climate projects. He is currently on a contract with Icelandic airlines.
  • Marlena Sołtysińska

    Marlena is a student at New York University Shanghai. She is interested in new technologies and international business. She is a recipient of the National Fund for Children scholarship and the ADAMED SmartUP program. Marlena has achieved numerous successes in olympiads and competitions and has been active in youth councils. She has also supported small homelands and aspiring journalists while developing the All-Poland Federation of Youth and the Polemika Foundation. She managed to raise funds for her first year of studies through online crowdfunding with the help of over a thousand supporters.
  • Aleksander Stupnicki

    Aleksander has been accepted to the prestigious University College London (UCL), which has consistently ranked among the top 10 medical universities in the world. With a desire to help others gain admission to medical studies in the UK and secure funding for their education, he has created and developed the educational platform This platform has already assisted many individuals from around the world in realizing their dreams of studying at top universities.
  • Kacper Szklarczyk

    Kacper is a student of biomedicine at Karolinska Institutet (the 7th best university in the field of biological sciences in the world). He is a co-founder of TeenCrunch (organized by Google for Startups and Microsoft in Poland). Kacper is the founder and member of the Board of the TeenCrunch Foundation. He is a double laureate of the National English Language Olympiad and has the title of “Taon” in the international physical competition. Moreover, he has been awarded ‘distinction’ in the national mathematical competition “Mathematical Kangaroo”.
  • Wojciech Szlasa

    Wojciech is a student of the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Wrocław and is a student Nobel prize winner. He has been conducting research into combatting cancer by immersion within a variable magnetic field. He is also involved in innovative research involving desensitization of the body to melanoma through the use of nanosecond electrical impulses. He dreams of winning the Nobel Prize in Medicine, but even more of his research revolutionizing oncological treatment.
  • Miłosz Tomkowicz

    Miłosz is a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. His main field of work is sculpture, but he also creates graphics and paints and writes poetry.
  • Michał Wyrębkowski

    Michał is a Yale and Wharton School of Management student. He passed the IB exam - in the TOP 1% in the world and the Polish exam 100% (TOP 25 high school graduates in the country). He participated in the National Educational Olympics in Polish, French, history, philosophy and economics. In Polish, he placed third in the country. He founded the Youth Climate Strike in Płock and reactivated the Youth City Council in Płock. He is passionate about the "green transformation". Michał is also an assistant researcher of Prof. Sonnenfeld, and has helped in creating the “Sonnenfeld list” of companies that did not leave Rus (...)
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  • Aleksander Zarębiński

    Aleksander is a scholarship recipient from the National Fund for Children (KFnRD) and attends one of the best British schools, Dulwich College in London. He has prepared scientific articles such as "Octopus as a Subject of Behavioral Research" and "The Brain and Art." Additionally, he has participated in courses at Lenox Hill Hospital BrainTerns USA. He has reached the central stage of the Brain Knowledge Olympiad twice and has also taken part in the international Brain Bee competition.
  • Radosław Żak

    Radosław is a student at the Jagiellonian University. He has represented Poland in the International Mathematical Olympiad, during which he won gold and three silver medals and had the highest placement of any Pole in the history category. He has also passed the Polish qualifications for the EU Young Scientists Competition. Radek conducts his own research and, already in his first year, he has had an article published in a renowned journal: Theoretical Computer Science. In addition, Radosław supports young people in furthering their education and has organized the math Olympiad – “Maths Beyond Limits”. Currently, h (...)
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  • Julia Tondera - HEART FUND

    Julia is a graduate of the Stefan Batory University in Warsaw, and holds an International Baccalaureate. She has also been admitted to Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Faculty at the University of Oxford. She is now conducting her own research project at the Department of Plant Biochemistry of the University of Warsaw. Beyond the aforementioned, Julia has also participated in the ADAMED SmartUP scholarship program, where she conducted research in the field of biochemistry for two weeks under the supervision of world-class scientists.
  • Bright Abodu - HEART FUND

    Originally from the Volta Region, Bright is in the Senior School in Ghana. He wants to study medicine at the University of Accra, the capital of his country. He is under the care of the “Kids Haven School”, which takes care of street children.
  • Aaron Mańczak - HEART FUND

    Aaron is ambitious and consistently strives for financial independence. He dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and an investor. He is interested in financial education, the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology. In the near future, he would like to launch an e-shopping store on the shopee platform.
  • Antonina Pawlak - HEART FUND

    Antonina is a vocalist, pianist, but also composes and produces music. Thanks to the Rafał Brzoska Foundation, she can continue her master's studies at CalArts - one of the best art schools in the world. She would like to publish her music soon through one of the independent American labels, and in the future, thanks to her experience gained at the foreign universities, she would like to create her own music school for children in Poland.
  • Julia Stankiewicz - HEART FUND

    Julia studies Aerospace Engineering at the Technical University of Munich and is a member of the prestigious Brooke Owens Fellowship - dedicated to exceptional women and non-binary students in the aerospace industry. During her studies, she simultaneously gained experience in the industry operating satellites as well as developing aircraft engines and CubeSat propulsion. She seeks to encourage young people, especially girls, to pursue their interests in STEM. Julia is passionate about learning languages and currently speaks four fluently. With the support of the Heart Fund, Julia completed a 6-month research placement at N (...)
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