Scholarship fund – Rafał Brzoska Foundation

About the Fund

The purpose of the Fund is to support exceptionally talented young people driven by ambition, potential and ideas, as well as some proven track of achievements in the chosen field. The scholarship grantees will receive tailor-cut guidance and support to meet all their needs and fulfill their full potential.

Scholarship Competition

The scholarship will be granted to the winners of the first Scholarship Competition. Applications shall be submitted between 21st May and 30th of June 2022.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for true talent. Each and every person will be assessed on the basis of the exact same criteria:

Talent and determination

Our grantees should be industrious, exceptionally talented and able to show proof of their achievements in their chosen field, successful participation in academic competitions, published works, exhibitions, product prototypes, designs, inventions, business plans…

Unique vision

We understand and appreciate the importance of one’s own vision of oneself as an individual but also one's endeavors and innovations (including the social ones) in the various areas of life. Drive and energy to grow on top of a clear plan - this is what counts!

Positive impact

We wish that our grantees have a positive impact on the community, natural environment and the world in general. We are looking for traits and deeds that will bear fruit in the form of the betterment of our existence on the Earth, now and in the future.

Family and economic background

We are particularly keen to help those less privileged - who cannot find traditional support for reasons beyond their control.


We are looking for applicants between the ages of 13 - 25.

years old
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What we offer

The main purpose of the Fund is to provide comprehensive support in the development of young and exceptional individuals. The scholarship assistance will include academic, social, financial and general development support - depending on individual needs and circumstances.

Personal development advisors

will be appointed to work directly with the grantee. They will analyse and assess the individual needs of the grantee and advise on which scholarship path offered by the Fund to take. They will proactively monitor, support and inspire their protégés in achieving the goals outlined in their personal development plans. The personal development advisor will also work closely with the parents/carers and teachers of the grantee.

Financial support

– depending on the individual situation of the grantee and the development path selected at the outset, the financial support will include covering the costs of:

  • tuition fees and other payments related to studies
  • accommodation
  • transport fares
  • textbooks and aids
  • specialist courses, conferences and trips


individual work with a chosen expert suggested by the Foundation to match the development needs of the grantee. The mentors are successful and renowned experts in their fields.

Meetings with the Founder

regular personal meetings with Rafał Brzoska to inspire and talk about growth, perseverance and overcoming difficulties.

Psychological support

 a team of psychologists will support the grantees whenever necessary.

Foreign languages

additional classes in English or other languages, preparation for official exams.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

– ability to present one’s ideas, winning support/financing, commercialisation and cooperation.

Individual tutoring

for the selected candidates who wish to attend international relations-type university courses.

Regular grantee meetings (summer/winter holidays) including:

  • social skills training – communication, cooperation, empathy, exerting influence, manners
  • Professional skills training – working methods – design thinking, agile-thinking, public speeches

The Mentoring Board

Olga Brzezińska

President of the City of Literature Foundation, Programme Director of the Leadership Academy for Poland, academic lecturer at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and the Theater Academy in Warsaw. Member of the Equal Treatment Council of the office of the Mayor of the City of Krakow for the 1st and 2nd terms of office. Culture manager, originator, co-creator and organizer of artistic events, journalist in the field of culture and author of the podcast "Nowy Stan Skupienia" (Liberte! Talks).

Jowita Michalska

The President of the Digital University, an organisation focusing on the development of future competencies cooperating with the likes of MiT, Harvard Business School and Stanford. The organisation also helps those less privileged in gaining education in the fields of new technology, digital security, future professions and ecology. Moreover, Jowita is the Polish ambassador of the Singularity University, the principal educational think-tank of Silicon Valley. She has over 20 years of business experience holding key positions at major international organisations such as Polkomtel, PGE and Deloitte.

Maciej Kawecki

Doctor, journalist, promoter of technological knowledge, EU Digital Ambassador, president of the Lem Institute, vice-rector for innovation at WSB University in Warsaw.

Tomasz Rożek

Polish science journalist, physicist, Doctor of Science, populariser of science. Founder of ‘Science, I like it’ Foundation.

Piotr Psyllos

Electronics, programmer, innovator and entrepreneur. As part of his research, invention and business activities, he deals with the use of modern technologies, including applications of artificial intelligence, robots, virtual assistants, human – computer interaction and health protection.

Przemek Staroń

Psychologist, lecturer, educator, author, the Teacher of the Year 2018, member of the Expert Council of the Strategies 2050 Institute.

Natalia Hatalska

CEO, founder, Head of Foresight Infuture - an institute for research on the future. The author of the book "The Age of Paradoxes". The Financial Times placed her on the New Europe 100 list - a list of 100 people from Central and Eastern Europe who have changed society, politics and business by presenting a new approach to dominant problems.

Marek Metrycki

Long-term Managing Partner at Deloitte Poland and member of ExCo Deloitte Central Europe. He is actively engaged in social and non-profit initiatives, as well as changes and modernisation of the educational system in Poland.

Iwona Chmura-Rutkowska

Counselor and sociologist. She works at the Faculty of Educational Studies at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań. Author of studies and books on educational and social mechanisms and consequences of stereotypes, social inequalities and prejudice motivated violence. Member of the Polish Pedagogical Society. Co-founder of the Interdisciplinary Center for Research on Cultural Gender and Identity AMU. She cooperates with state institutions, local governments and non-governmental organizations in the area of equal treatment and social exclusion.

Magdalena Jabłońska

The President of the Foundation for Technology Entrepreneurship. With over 16 years of experience in business consulting, she specialises in the field of methods and strategies of open innovations. She is a mentor and a juror in startup events and acceleration programmes. Her mission is to form the basis for innovation development, create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial forward thinking. She is also involved in building bridges between startups and large established organisations for their mutual benefit.

Maciej Kawulski

Polish entrepreneur and film director. Co-founder of the Polish Martial Arts Federation, an organization promoting MMA fights.