“Buddy” Program

We deeply believe in the potential of our beneficiaries, which is why we have announced among them a competition for the best online educational workshop program. We called it "Buddy." It is a creative collaboration between the Scholars of the Rafał Brzoska Foundation and the wards of the Omenaa Foundation.

Who is “Buddy”?

In the workplace, “Buddy” is a term used to describe a colleague or companion in a team. It is a person who helps a new member of the organization in the process of adaptation and getting acquainted with a new place. A buddy provides information about procedures, values, and customs, as well as offering support and mentorship.

“Buddy” Program at the Rafał Brzoska Foundation

We have decided to randomly divide the wards of the Rafał Brzoska Foundation into 5 groups, combining Scholars from the first and second intake. We asked the “seniors” to initiate an exchange of experiences with their group and the rest of the meeting participants, hoping that the participants from the first edition of our scholarship competition would smoothly transition into the role of mentors.

The task of each group is to create online educational/artistic/motivational workshop projects in the areas of assistance specified by us.

Areas of assistance:

  • Polish care and educational centers under the auspices of the Omenaa Foundation,
  • RIO EDU CENTER, a day educational center for Ukrainian refugees and their children,
  • RIO VIBE CENTER, a psychological support center for children from Ukraine and from Polish care and educational centers,
  • Wards of the Philanthropic Consortium founded by the Omenaa Foundation,
  • KIDS HAVEN SCHOOL IN GHANA, a school for street children run by the Omenaa Foundation.

A significant advantage of the "Buddy" initiative is - besides supporting those in need - the establishment of close relationships among our Scholars, which will result in creative collaboration and perhaps even friendships for many years to come.