3 April 2023

Rafał Brzoska Foundation announces a new scholarship contest!

The recruitment for the scholarship program has commenced. Thanks to this initiative many young and very talented scholars will obtain financial aid. This is the second year we are looking for real talents, and each person will be evaluated according to the same criteria. 

The Rafal Brzoska Foundation Scholarship Contest is the answer of its founder, Rafal Brzoska, to the needs of young and exceptionally talented people who often cannot afford to study at world renowned universities. Last year’s Scholars have already shown that they are outstanding Individuals in Poland and the world. The successful candidates receive financial support that allows them to develop academically, including the aforementioned studies, but also mentoring and psychological support, if needed. Through the Foundation’s activities, they are encouraged to continually develop – acquiring new competencies, thinking creatively and building their personalities.

Apply today if:

– you are hard-working and have above-average capablities,

– you have a vision and an idea for yourself, but also energy to act and readiness for further development,

– you make a positive impact on the world, people and the environment!

For the first time, candidates from outside Poland are also admitted

Applications can be submitted until April 30th, 2023, and the detailed timing and rules of the contest are available HERE

The mission of the Rafal Brzoska Foundation is to support exceptional, talented young people with aspirations and intellectual potential. The mentees are covered by a special individual development program, the only one of its kind on the Polish market.The Foundation’s Program and Mentor Board includes prominent experts: Prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska, Prof. Jerzy Hausner, Karol Wójcicki, Karol Palczak, Dariusz Żuk, Mariusz Dziubek, Dr. Tomasz Rożek, Dr. Maciej Kawecki, Jowita Michalska or Olga Brzezińska.

What has been achieved over the past year of the Foundation’s activities.

We already have 28 scholarship recipients under our care, among them future doctors, a glaciologist, a pilot, a sculptor, a violinist and an architect. They study at the best universities in Poland, the US, the UK and Shanghai; Oxford, Yale, Berkeley or Karolinska Institute, and even at …NASA.

At each stage of their development, they can benefit from the support of the foundation’s mentors and authorities, representing the worlds of science, business and art, who keep track of their mentees’ development, inspiring them to achieve the goals included in their individual development plan. The advisors’ responsibilities also include working with parents/guardians and teachers, and financial support covers a number of areas, selected according to need: tuition, other tuition-related fees, housing, travel costs to school, textbooks, ending with specialized courses or conferences.

Another important aspect are individual meetings with Founder Rafal Brzoska, who shares his knowledge and experience – teaches perseverance, entrepreneurship, innovation and the ability to cope with adversity. He shows how important it is to present one’s ideas, their subsequent commercialization, obtaining financing, and, what is very important, cooperation with business.