10 November 2023

Rafał Brzoska invites you to read the report on the first year of the foundation’s activities

With unabashed joy and pride, I present to you the report summarising the first year of operations of the Rafał Brzoska Foundation, an initiative I had the honour of founding. On the one hand, it feels like just a moment has passed since I announced its establishment during the Top Charity 2022 Grand Charity Auction. On the other hand, I am astounded by how much we have achieved in this single year. I have to say that building a foundation is quite like building a business. In both, I pursue a vision of positive change, surround myself with dedicated enthusiasts, and ultimately revel in the thrill and gratification of knowing that my vision and years of hard work benefit not just individuals and communities, but potentially the whole world.

In just one year of operation, we have fostered an exceptional community of outstanding young individuals, nurturing their talents and interests at top-tier institutions both nationall and globally. From over 1,500 applications for our inaugural scholarship program, we have selected 28 scholars. We support them financially and also with mentoring and psychological assistance if needed. The educational mission of the Rafał Brzoska Foundation has also enabled us to gather a supportive circle of Mentors – individuals distinguished in their fields. Their knowledge and experience serve as invaluable guidance for our scholars, aiding their growth and development. Each interaction I have with the scholars of the Rafał Brzoska Foundation is a delight. I know each of them personally, and they also know one another. I take immense pride in the community we have built, where mutual support extends from helping younger peers apply to top universities to tutoring the wards of our sister institution, the Omenaa Foundation.

To witness the ripple effect of the help we extend, reaching an ever-expanding circle of those in need is my greatest reward. And this is just the first year, which fills me with enthusiasm in anticipation for the coming years. I encourage everyone to read through this report. And always remember the importance of being a decent human being.