1 August 2023

These are the the winners of the second edition of the Rafał Brzoska Foundation scholarship competition

Each of the 17 winners will receive individual “tailor-made” support to continue their education at the most prestigious universities in Poland, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and even India. The young scholarship recipients boast outstanding achievements in the fields of science and innovation, as well as art, entrepreneurship and social activities. Recruitment for the second edition of the Rafal Brzoska Foundation scholarship competition has ended. This year, nearly a thousand candidates took part in the recruitment process. The jury faced quite a challenge to select the best candidates. The choice was extremely difficult, as all finalists boasted outstanding academic achievements and above-average academic performance. After a thorough evaluation of the applications and individual meetings, Rafal Brzoska and Omenaa Mensah – president and vice president of the Rafal Brzoska Foundation, together with the teams of the Program Council and Mentoring Council – selected 17 best candidates, to whom they awarded annual scientific scholarships. Thus, to the 28 last year’s scholarship recipients were joined by new mentees. 

– The number of applications received for this year’s edition of the Scholarship Fund exceeded our wildest expectations. It turns out that there is no shortage of exceptionally talented young people in Poland who want to deepen and use their knowledge to change the world for the better,” says Rafal Brzoska. – Talking to these amazing young people, their motivation, maturity, desire to gain knowledge at the world’s best universities, gives me a lot of joy. I am proud, because once again we found real scientific diamonds,” adds the CEO of Rafal Brzoska Foundation.

In addition to outstanding students from the fields of science and innovation and the arts, the scholarship recipients also included young entrepreneurs and social activists involved in various social initiatives.

– I admit that several candidates won my heart after just a few minutes of the conversation! We approached each candidate very individually. We took into account the person. His energy, what he is like, his predispositions and interests, and not just his academic results, because these were outstanding,” says Omenaa Mensah, vice president of the Rafal Brzoska Foundation. – More outstanding talents have joined the ranks of our scholarship recipients, whom we will cheer on and support in their further scientific development. We believe that the “tailor-made” scholarships will help them fulfill their dreams and achieve the best results not only at Polish, but also at global universities,” adds Mensah. I only hope that our scholarship recipients, after receiving the best education in the world, will want to return to their country to change it for a better place.

We congratulate all the winners of the Rafal Brzoska Scholarship Fund and wish them further academic success and unfailing self-confidence. 

Here is the full list of scholarship recipients:

Wiktor Babiński 

Kornelia Bartoszewicz 

Małgorzata Czarnik

Mikołaj Błaszczyk  

Katarzyna Furmanek 

Zoja Giza 

Maksymilian Kędzierski

Julia Lasiota 

Kacper Malinowski 

Mateusz Mikołajczak 

Julia Prus

Jan Radomiński Lasak 

Marek Rauchfleisz 

Maciej Szymczyk 

Tomasz Ślusarczyk 

Łucja Ulbrych 

Mikołaj Wolanin