31 January 2024

Rafał Brzoska on the joy of helping in “Puls Biznesu”

The President of the Rafał Brzoska Foundation, Rafał Brzoska, recently conducted an interview with “Puls Biznesu,” where he discussed the remarkable scholarship recipients of his foundation and what motivates him to engage in charitable activities.

“We have young individuals at the Rafał Brzoska Foundation who are spreading their wings at the world’s best universities without worrying about tuition fees. In my view, education is the most precious gift that can be bestowed upon anyone. It is through education that individuals with certain abilities can transform them into exceptional ones, thereby changing the world. Giving a fish is not the same as giving a fishing rod, and these young people prove it every day. By receiving a fishing rod, they venture into open waters and catch significant opportunities,” said Rafał Brzoska during his interview with “Puls Biznesu.”

You can read the full interview on the official “Puls Biznesu” website >>>