23 April 2024

Sign up for the Rafał Brzoska Foundation scholarship competition!

We’re off! On our website, you’ll find a form through which you can apply for the new edition of the Rafał Brzoska Foundation scholarship competition. Recruitment is open until May 10th!

As every year, there are three categories awaiting:

  • for academic achievements in the fields of exact sciences, natural sciences, medical sciences, and humanities,
  • for academic achievements for individuals with entrepreneurial abilities,
  • for achievements in the field of arts.

For the third time, we are looking for hardworking and exceptionally talented individuals aged 13 to 25. Candidates should be successful in competitions, have published works, exhibitions, created product prototypes, implemented projects, developed invention ideas, business plans, etc. We prioritize candidates’ individual development vision and their social involvement. And as always, we especially want to support those who have fewer development opportunities due to reasons beyond their control.

You can find the application form and detailed regulations here >>>