20 April 2024

Start of recruitment for the Rafał Brzoska Foundation Scholarship Competition!

We are delighted to announce that in April 2024, we will commence recruitment for the new Rafał Brzoska Foundation scholarship competition. As every year, we are prepared to receive hundreds of applications from talented youth from Poland and beyond its borders. Together with a team of experts and mentors, we will analyze the applications, facing an incredibly challenging task, as selecting a few from so many exceptional individuals is a great responsibility. Therefore, in the final stage of recruitment, we can always count on the support of the President and Vice President of the Rafał Brzoska Foundation, Rafał Brzoska and Omena Mensah. The final decision lies with them, which is made after meetings with the recruitment finalists.

In the week of April 22-28, the online application form will be available on the website Candidates will be able to provide the required information and attach documents, including an essay, video, or presentation showcasing their potential, aspirations, and academic achievements, as well as expert recommendations obtained from collaborating or mentoring individuals.

We invite you to follow us on social media channels and on the website, and then to participate in the competition. We look forward to your participation!